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Why should you take a dental CAD/CAM course?

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has revolutionized dentistry forever. Today, more than ever, staying at the forefront of technology is essential. Fortunately, learning dental CAD/CAM has never been easier.

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What our students have to say about our online 3D dentistry courses.

«The course was phenomenal! In a short time, I've mastered Blender for Dental and am already printing my own dental models and guides. Plus, I was able to learn it on weekends, which was very convenient for me.” 

Dr. Jaime Larriva
Oral rehabilitator

«A dental clinic now fully digital. A year and a half ago, I made the decision to shift gears and embrace digital workflows. With an existing CBCT, I began learning CAD programs and later invested in a low-cost resin 3D printer. This enabled me to produce guides, trays, models, base plates, and more. Now, with the introduction of an intraoral scanner, the quality and speed of my work have significantly improved.»

Dr. Monica Lacaci

«I want to express my gratitude for your course and the excellent teaching methodology. This course has completely captivated me, and every day I become more excited about digital dentistry. Thanks for your teachings and tips, you are not only a great educator but also an outstanding clinician and a wonderful human being.

Thank you for giving us so much.🙏»

Dr Rigoberto Garcia

Learn cad cam dentistry with low-cost software.

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Software within everyone's reach

The use of digital media requires appropriate programs, this software can be closed (paid software) or free (open source).

He Open software It has been created thanks to the joint collaboration of the same users, which allows it to be adapted to their needs. This represented a great opportunity for digital dentistry and in a short time tools such as Blender for Dental and 3Dslicer.

The biggest advantage of these programs over commercial versions is their focus on providing practical tools for the real world, which can evolve alongside the needs of the dental community. Moreover, with an open-source license, they are much more affordable than other CAD/CAM alternatives and sometimes even free of charge.

Digital planning in Dentistry

Dentistry has progressed more in the last decade than in the preceding 100 years. Currently, nearly all processes have been digitized, and we have tools capable of achieving results superior to those of any human. Digital dentistry not only enables greater precision but also liberates us from repetitive tasks with high predictability through automation.

However, all this development comes with a price, and not just in monetary terms. Embracing these ever-evolving virtual dentistry technologies can be a challenging endeavor, potentially overwhelming or constraining. But there's a silver lining: Today, education is more accessible than ever, courtesy of the internet.

Our courses are designed to guide you step by step through this journey, minimizing the learning curve so that you can swiftly integrate a genuine digital workflow. Digital planning enhances efficiency and unlocks a realm of possibilities unique to the CAD/CAM era.

Our digital dentistry courses serve as your personal guide in implementing this technology, accessible 24/7 whenever you need guidance or support.

Odontología digital
Dr. Juan Francisco González

Meet your instructor

Dr. Juan F González is a dentist, and specialist in orthodontics, who graduated from Universidad Tecnológica de México UNITEC.

He holds the position of Professor in the Craniofacial Mechatronics Department at the Universidad del Valle (Cali - Colombia). Engaged in numerous postgraduate and undergraduate programs across Latin America, he imparts knowledge on digital dentistry. Additionally, he is a certified instructor for Blender for Dental and a sought-after speaker both nationally and internationally.

He's written about 3D printing and tech in journals like the American Journal of Orthodontics and Contemporary Orthodontics.

Currently, he runs his private practice in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, while actively engaging in various research endeavors focused on his passion: digital dentistry.

Learn more about Dr. Juan Francisco 

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