Blender for Dental in Spanish

Although relatively new, Blender for Dental has become the best alternative for working with digital dental models in terms of quality and price. Equaling the results obtained with much more expensive software such as Exocad. On this page I describe everything you need to know about blender for dental in Spanish 

Price of Blender for Dental modules

If you want to check the updated price of any of the modules, here is the link to the official store. 

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What is the difference between Blender and Blender for Dental?


Blender is open source software for 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, and animation. It is programmed in Python so it is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems

This project began in 1995 by Ton Roosendaal and it has evolved to become one of the best 3D software, standing out for its versatility and the huge community of users that support it.

Until recently, the dental area found Blender an exceptional tool for managing digital dental models. Given such potential, several projects emerged as add-ons such as OrthogonBlender and Blender Dental.

What is a Blender addon?

Blender being free software allows users to modify the code and adapt it to their needs. Addons are additional programs that use existing Blender tools to automate processes. In the case of Blender for Dental They are tools for digital dentistry.

It is important to understand the concept of Addon, because the Blender software must first be installed and the addon will be installed within it.

What is Blender for dental?

It is an Addon created specifically for dental applications, thus automating procedures to be carried out with a single click. For example, creating a hollow model for 3D printing can be a laborious process that takes between 10 and 15 minutes; using the Blender for Dental tools, it is achieved in 1 minute with just 2 clicks.

It must be remembered that although Blender is free software, Blender for dental is payment. However the cost is very low compared to other alternatives on the market and the payment is unique.

That is to say, does not charge exports, updates or annual fees. Once you purchase the software, you can use it for life on 3 computers.

This addon is created in a modular way, this means that the tools have been divided into various sections according to the purpose they fulfill. This allows for better organization and avoids repeating commands in each section.

Below I will describe what each module of this is used for. dental software.

Do you want to learn how to use this software and everything related to digital dentistry with 3D printing?

Blender for dental modules

Note: The model designer is essential so that the other Blender Dental modules they work. All prices are available by clicking on the image

This module is designed to refine the models after being scanned. Allows you to eliminate defects, bubbles, surpluses and irregular edges. It also has tools to create bases and articulate the models or create work dice.

It allows you to manufacture personalized impression trays, both for dentate and edentulous patients or for impressions with implants. It allows you to customize the handle and choose whether you want a bucket with or without perforations.

It is a library of various parts that is constantly updated. We can find scan-bodies of most brands, analogues, cylinders and adapters for guided surgery, etc. Blender for Dental updates its libraries frequently.

This module is designed to generate a virtual gum around the preparation. This gum can be exported and then printed on flexible material or used to generate a mold into which to place gum material.

Using the closest point algorithm, it is possible to find the best relationship between two similar models. Its applications are varied, such as joining two models, or comparing a before and after. Essential for articulating models based on a bite registration.

One of the most powerful modules in Blender for Dental. It allows you to make a virtual montage based on standardized photographs. Furthermore, in combination with the ICP it can generate animations of the excursive movements of the jaw.

It allows you to manufacture splints and various removable devices. In combination with other modules, it is capable of generating the corresponding wear to achieve an adequate occlusal configuration of the device. It can be used to design metal structures of fixed and removable appliances.

Eliminates retentive areas to achieve an adequate fit of appliances that are to be designed on a dental model. It allows obtaining retentive and partially or completely passive dental models.

It allows you to generate a 3D model from a 2D logo, in this way you can personalize the dental models with the company's identity.

This module virtually eliminates the brackets from the model and fills the space by calculating the continuity of the surface. It is very useful for making retainers before removing orthodontic appliances.

It is a free module designed to create a model that has a spacer on the buccal surface of the teeth. This model can be printed and used to make the rinsing tray.

In combination with 3D slicer For viewing tomographic files, this module allows you to design surgical guides for dental implants, mini-plants, endodontics, etc...

This Blender for Dental module allows you to create diagnostic wax-ups using digital tooth libraries. It is ideal for creating temporary ones and has multiple tools for smile design.

In combination with the wax-up module and the digital articulator, it allows you to design any type of fixed restoration. Crowns, bridges, copings, inlay or onlay restorations, veneers, etc.

A super practical system to make 3D printed die-cut models. The VertXsplit is manufactured by injection modeling and the models for 3d printing can be prepared in minutes

This module is in the testing stage and will soon be available to the public. Allows you to design internal bars for hybrid prostheses.

A masterpiece for the design of 3D dentures. This Blender for dental module has all the tools to create total dentures in minutes.

An indispensable utility for practically any activity related to 3D design. This module allows you to view a section of the model in any orientation for precise analysis or movements.

Allows you to create custom abutments with the reverse engineering method of Blender for dental. Watch a demo here

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