Digital Smile Design
with Blender for Dental

The complete DSD flow with the most economical and powerful software on the market.

Do you want to learn DSD without investing a fortune?

Definitely Digital smile design is one of the most requested treatments by patients in the dental clinic. Today technology is within everyone's reach and 3D planning makes it easier than ever.

I will teach you the complete digital flow and in a short time you will have the best tool to increase the acceptance of your patients!

You are on the right path

My name is Juan Gonzalez and in this course I will show you a step-by-step digital smile design protocol 

Diseño de sonrisa digital CO3D

Throughout the course we will use the tools of Blender for Dental, the most economical and powerful software on the market. 

I'll show you the complete workflow. From photographic protocol to 3D printing.

Some of the entities with which I have taught digital dentistry

Artículo científico Dr. Juan Francisco González

I published my first scientific article on digital dentistry in 2014 and since then I understood the potential of this technology. Today smile design is more easier than ever with 3D printing

More and more colleagues have started with digital dentistry and you can do it too.

Our students

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What do my students say?

Dr. Andrés Giraldo

Opiniones del Curso DSD
Curso Diseño de sonrisa digital B4D
Testionio Cursos Odonto 3D Odontología DIgital
Alumnos Cursos Odonto 3D

B4D Digital Smile Design Course Modules

1.Perfect records

Essential concepts of workflow, photographic and 3D scanning protocol.

2. Blender for dental from 0

You will master Blender for Dental and the important concepts for 3D Smile Design


We will analyze each aspect of digital waxing and recommendations for manufacturing.

I have prepared example files that you can download and practice everything you learned in each lesson.

You can watch the course at any time, anywhere and from any device.

You will have me by your side to help you along the way, so you will avoid stagnating and advance faster.

Upon completing your training you will receive a certified diploma of 3D dental courses.

Clear and easy-to-follow instructions will guide you hand in hand on the path of digital dentistry.

You will be able to return to the lessons whenever you want and advance when you have implemented them.

Digital Smile Design Course Program 2022

1. Perfect Records

    • Introduction and welcome. IMPORTANT
    • Essential DSD Concepts
    • Photographic equipment. What to buy?
    • How to set up a photography studio
    • Features and recommendations for PC
    • Understanding clinical photography
    • Masterclass. Photographic protocol
    • Considerations for a successful scan registration.

2. Blender for dental step by step

  • Installation of blender for dental and the waxup module
  • MASTERCLASS: Blender essential concepts
  • B4D Waxup. General use 
  • DSD template. USE and Overview
  • Template 1. Preparation of photographs
  • Template 2. Alignment
  • Template 3. Initial adjustment of the waxing and its proportions
  • Template 4. Motivational render


  • Advanced digital waxing
  • Static/dynamic occlusion adjustment
  • Preparation of models for 3D printing
  • Bimaxillary waxing
  • Using the patient's dentition
  • Provisional
  • gum design
  • Bonuses: Design of veneers for CNC milling
  • Guide for dental preparation (guide course bonus)
  • Computer-aided manufacturing, alternatives and recommendations
  • Masterclass: Smile design with Dr. Santiago Ferris Lucero
  • Farewell

You will also receive these bonuses

Librerías de dientes digitales

1. Digital tooth libraries

Smile design would not be possible without tooth libraries. You will receive 2 extra bookcases with your DSD course.

Valued at 60 USD

CrossSection Blender for Dental

2. Cross Section Module

I have created a new Blender for Dental module specifically for this course and you will receive it completely FREE.

Valued at 39 USD

Diseño digital de sonrisa

3. DSD Blender Template

I have designed this template with all the necessary resources for digital smile design in Blender. 

Valued at 100 USD.

Diseño de sonrisa con Blender for Dental

4. Tooth Shader for Blender

One of the key points of DSD is to achieve a preview of the results. With this shader you can create realistic teeth in just a few minutes.

Dr. Santiago Ferris colaborador Cursos Odonto 3D

5. Masterclass Dr. Santiago Ferris

A master class by Dr. Ferris, expert in exocad and Nemosmile that will cover the most important aspects of DSD in the dental clinic.

What's the price?


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COURSE Digital smile design with B4D

SPECIAL PRICE 249$ (Standard 849$)

Everything you will receive when you sign up for the course today!


  • Digital Smile Design Course ($250)
  • Masterclass. Photographic protocol ($100)
  • CrossSection Module ($39)
  • tooth libraries ($60)
  • DSD template ($100)
  • Masterclass DSD/ Dr Santiago Ferris ($150)
  • 2 months support (150$)
  • Immediate access.
  • Future updates

(Software and Courses)

SPECIAL PRICE 650$ (Standard 1963$)

  • Digital Laboratory Course in 30 days ($297)
  • B4D Digital Smile Design Course ($249)
  • Blender for Dental – MODEL DESIGNER ($79)
  • Blender for Dental – BLOCKOUT ($49)
  • Blender for Dental – WAXUP ($79)
  • tooth libraries ($210)
  • Course downloads (Valued at +1000USD)
  • 6 months support
  • Lifetime access.
  • Future updates.
Surgical guides course

 If you are not satisfied, you have 7 days to try it And if you don't like it, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Do you still have questions about the DSD course with Blender for Dental?
Find the answer here

Is Blender for dental included?

Blender for dental It is a very powerful Addon for Blender and we will use it throughout the course. Being an independent entity from Cursos odonto, the most of modules are not included, so you will have to purchase them separately.

However, you can do it gradually. For this course you will need to acquire the Model Designer and Waxup modules. You can purchase them here.

Are the classes face-to-face?

No, Our platform is designed so that you can access the lessons at the time you prefer. This way you can repeat the lessons and learn at your own pace.

How long does the DSD course last, is there a start and end date?

We all learn at different speeds, so once registered you will be able to move at your pace and implement what has been learned. In addition, the course will always be available because you will have lifetime access

Do I need to have prior knowledge in Blender?
No. This course starts from scratch and covers each step in the digital flow of digital smile design. The Blender essential concepts masterclass covers the general use of model designer, but if you want to go deeper you can take our free model designer course.
Do I need to have prior knowledge in DSD?

No. In the course we will cover all aspects of the workflow for digital smile design and if you already know it, much better because you will be able to advance faster.

Concepts referring to DSD marketing are not included, although I am completely sure that you can use these tools to promote your work better than anyone else.

Does it include support to resolve doubts?

Of course. This course is explained in the simplest and most concrete way so that you have nowhere to get lost and if for any reason along the way you have questions, you can contact me by email and I will be in charge of helping you resolve your concerns.

Is this training basic or advanced?

In this course I will take you by the hand, step by step and explain everything you need to know to digital smile design.

The lessons are designed so that you really understand what you need to do even if you have no prior knowledge And if you already know something about the topic, even better because it will help you advance faster.

Although this course It is not oriented towards the clinical phase of prosthetic and dental aesthetic rehabilitation, I have worried about cover the use of macro and micro aesthetic parameters and references that will be useful in the digital diagnostic wax-up. You will also learn very important concepts about this technique with Dr. Ferris's masterclass.

With everything you have learned you will be able to perform digital smile design from start to finish, with Greater precision and with a minimum investment

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