FREE dental cad cam course with Medit

Medit or Medit Link, is one of the best software today for dental cad/cam and best of all, it is totally free

In this course, I will explain step by step how to use this program and cover its different apps. Using medita link, you will be ables design models for 3D printing, provisionals, occlusal splints, fixed prostheses, etc…


Curso gratis medit dental

Meditate in Dentistry

Medit link and its different apps allow a design simple and efficient cad cam for different areas of dentistry. Devices created with Medit can be manufactured by milling or 3D printing.

Throughout the course we will address:

  • Medit Design
  • Medit Model Builder
  • Medit Simle Design
  • Medit Temporaries

Furthermore, as an extra gift I have left you some useful files throughout the course, so you can practice and learn without worries.

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