Create Surgical Guides


Do you want to design your own guides without a million-dollar investment?

It is true, today there are many companies that offer surgical planning services, as well as software created to carry out this process.

Choosing the ideal one can be cumbersome since each option has certain restrictions. Some only allow working with implants or products of a certain brand, others generate additional items such as export, update or maintenance charges and others only allow printing the guides with their "specialized" service.

All of this can end up frustrating anyone and most of the time it means making a larger investment than necessary or simply ignoring this option.   


 I will show you my ideal option and how today I can design the guide I want. No restrictions!.

You are on the right path

My name is Juan Francisco González and I am going to teach you everything you need to know to create surgical guides in minutes. 

I have been studying and researching digital dentistry for years and I will share all my experience with you so that you can integrate digital planning into your practice. easily, using my favorite tools (Blender for Dental and 3D Slicer)

 As a tutor and representative of Blender for Dental, I have been involved in the development of this magnificent tool.

Artículo científico Dr. Juan Francisco González
Some of the entities with which I have presented conferences on the subject:

Since 2014, when I published my first scientific article, I have investigated the best alternatives for digital dentistry.

And although the road has been winding, today I can assure you that it is no longer necessary to spend hours in front of the computer to obtain results. Furthermore, the market has changed and the economic barrier to starting no longer exists. 

What do my students say?

Dr. Andrés Giraldo

Dr. Ramiro Ruíz
Michael Lopes

I contacted Juan due to the need to develop a case of jaw osteotomy guides, very flexible in schedule, he took care to prepare the case in advance and develop it step by step with me from scratch, very educational and very patient in teaching the blender commands. Tutorials have a ridiculous value for the amount of knowledge they provide. I recommend it 100%

Dr. Pablo González


Testimonio curso odontología digital

course modules

1.General settings.

I will explain everything you need to know to work with the software. Hardware recommendations, installation and more.

2. Management of tomographic volumes

Using 3D Slicer, you will learn to visualize, segment and export models obtained from a tomography

3. 3D design with Blender for dental.

We will delve into the planning and design of surgical guides using the Blender for Dental modules.

All lessons will have example files that you can download to review what you have learned.

You can watch the course at any time, anywhere and from any device.

You will have me by your side to help you along the way, so you will avoid stagnating and advance faster.

Upon completing your training you will receive a certified diploma of 3D dental courses.

Clear and easy-to-follow instructions will guide you hand in hand on the path of digital dentistry.

You will be able to return to the lessons whenever you want and advance when you have implemented them.

Course program

1. General Settings

    • Introduction and welcome. IMPORTANT
    • Essential concepts for a successful design.
    • Hardware Recommendations (Multi-screen installation and configuration).
    • Installation and link between software.

2. Management of tomographic volumes

  • Introduction to the 3D Slicer interface.
  • Reorientation of tomographic volumes.
  • Rendering of tomographic volumes.
  • Pano Slicer (Visualization of multiplanar slices).
  • Measurements in 3D Slicer.
  • Masterclass: Segmentation and demarcation of nerves.
  • Bonus: Creation of images and animations from tomographic volumes.
  • Export of segmented models.

3. 3D design with Blender for Dental

  • Introduction to Guide Designer.
  • Alignment of scanned and CBCT models.
  • Methods for the design of structures (paint layer and tubes).
  • Design of a surgical guide for dental implants PART 1 (Planning).
  • Adaptation of guide cylinders for implants and fixation pins.
  • Use of metal rings
  • Blocking of retentive areas (Undercuts).
  • Design of a surgical guide for dental implants PART 2 (Structure).
  • Creation of temporary implants.
  • BONUS: Design of individualized trays (impression holders).
  • Masterclass: Master model manufacturing with digital analogues.
  • Surgical guide for the placement of mini-implants.
  • Drilling guide for guided endodontics.
  • BONUS: Guide to checking dental preparation
  • Guide for gingivectomy.
  • Stackable surgical guides.
  • Masterclass: Design of bars for overdentures
  • BONUS: Other surgical guides (Piezocisions)
  • Final advice and farewell.

You will also receive these bonuses


1. Quick guide to keyboard shortcuts.

Essential document to accelerate your efficiency with Blender for Dental. In no time you will be an expert in 3D design.
Archivos descargables para guías

2. 3D models

I have prepared several downloadable models that will help you design and plan surgical guides.

Valued at 50 USD.

Diseño de cubetas con blender for dental

3. Masterclass: Individual buckets.

A special lesson added to this course so you can design and then print individual trays (impression holders).

Valued at 100 USD.

4. Tooth Library

Whether you want to make wax-ups or design provisionals, you can download a complete library of 3D dental models for free.
Valued at 210 USD

Diseño de encía con Blender for Dental

5. FREE B4D Module

As you read, all students in the course will receive a FREE gum or logo module 

Valued at 29 USD.

What's the price?


Sign up now for only 197$ USD

Hurry, this discount will disappear soon.

You will receive

  • Surgical Guides Course (197$)
  • Downloadable 3D files (50$)
  • Masterclass Buckets (100$)
  • Tooth Bookcase (210$)
  • Module: Gingiva Design (29$)
  • 2 months support (150$)
  • Immediate access.
  • Future updates.

TOTAL =  736$ 

 If you are not satisfied, you have 7 days to try it And if you don't like it, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Do you still have doubts?
Find the answer here

Is Blender for dental included?

Blender for dental It is a very powerful Addon for Blender and we will use it throughout the course. Being an independent entity from Cursos odonto, modules are not included, so you will have to purchase them separately (the gift module will be activated with a request within the course).

However, you can do it gradually. For this course you will need to acquire the Model Designer, Blockout, ICP Alignment and the guide designer modules, additionally, if you want to create custom trays, the tray designer. You can purchase them here.

Do I need to have prior knowledge in Blender?

Yeah. This course is based on the premise of knowing the basic use of Blender and Blender for Dental. If you have already taken our course Digital Laboratory in 30 days, you don't have to worry, or you can also learn everything you need to know in the free model designer course.

Do I need to have prior knowledge in 3D Slicer?

NO.  We will address this software for tomographic management from 0. You can download it FREE in the corresponding lesson and you will learn to use it perfectly. 

How long does the course last, is there a start and end date?

We all learn at different speeds, so once registered you will be able to move at your pace and implement what has been learned. In addition, the course will always be available because you will have lifetime access

Are the classes face-to-face?

Our platform is designed so that you can access the lessons at the time you prefer. This way you can repeat the lessons and learn at the time that is most convenient for you.

Does it include support to resolve doubts?
Of course. This course is explained in the simplest and most concrete way so that you have nowhere to get lost and if for any reason along the way you have questions, you can contact me by email and I will be in charge of helping you resolve your concerns.
Is this training basic or advanced?

In this course we will work from the premise that Do you know blender for dental and the model designer?. If you haven't learned it yet, you will have free tools available to get you started.

The lessons are designed so that you really understand what you need to do even if you have no prior knowledge And if you already know something about the topic, even better because it will help you advance faster.

With everything learned you will be able to create all types of surgical guides to be 3D printed. You will have the necessary tools for planning using tomography, photography and digital models, which will allow you to implement any guided dentistry process.

How do I get my free Blender for dental module?

The process is through a page of application which you will find in the first lesson of the course. Once we receive your information, in 24 hours you will have your new module available on the Blender for Dental page. 

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