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The transition to the digital age is a challenge, especially with all the information flooding the internet. Finding the correct information can be overwhelming, and sometimes going on your own can be even more confusing.

But I have good news for you; you've already taken the first step, and I'll help make the rest easier.

I've condensed everything you need to know to master 3D design and printing into this training.

Moreover, I'll provide you with the most versatile CAD design tool. Blender for Dental

You are on the right path

My name is Juan Gonzalez and in this course I will teach you everything I have learned in the last 10 years that has allowed me to digitize my practice without having to pay annual fees for software, or buy excessively expensive equipment.

Aprender Blender for Dental

Thanks to 3D printing, achieving digital practice is now possible without a million-dollar investment, allowing for a swift return on investment.

Some of the entities with which I have taught digital dentistry

Artículo científico Dr. Juan Francisco González

Since 2014, when I published my first scientific article on 3D printing, I understood the potential of this technology. Today prices have dropped and it is Within everyone's reach

More and more colleagues have started with digital dentistry and you can do it too.

Our students

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DIgital Dentist PACK

Blender for dental shortcuts

1. Dental Laboratory Course 3.0.

You will learn from scratch all the essential concepts to get started in the world of 3D design and printing. What equipment to buy, how to calibrate it and everything you will need to confidently implement this technology quickly.

Curso de Guardas Oclusales

2. 3D Splints Express Course

A specific and objective training on the digital workflow to create occlusal splints. It's the ideal way to quickly recover your investment in 3D printing. I will also teach you all about the post-processing and clinical adjustment of these devices.

Guía quirurgica Cursos Odonto 3D

3. Surgical Guides Course

You will learn to plan and design any type of guide, whether for dental implants, mini-implants, dental prep, gingivectomy, etc... You will also master 3D Slicer for tomographic planning with maximum precision

Guía quirurgica Cursos Odonto 3D

4. B4D Smile Design Course

I will teach you step by step 3D digital smile design. The photographic protocol, scanning and digital waxing. You will get all the tools you need for efficient and precise results.

Modulo de Diseño de modelos B4d

5. Blender for Dental MODEL DESIGNER

A B4D module designed to prepare models for 3D printing. From correcting small imperfections to creating orthodontic bases, articulated supports or printable dies.

Articulador CAVY

6. Blender for Dental BLOCKOUT

Eliminate retentive areas and achieve a well-adjusted appliance. Find the proper insertion path in dental models, implants, bars, etc..

gum designer free

7. Blender for Dental SPLINT DESIGN & LAYERS

A module created for the manufacture of splints and any type of removable appliances. It allows the designing of structures that adapt perfectly to the underlying tissues such as retainers, partial frames, etc…

gum designer free

8. Blender for Dental ICP ALIGNMENT TOOL

This is an indispensable tool in digital dentistry. It allows the alignment of two 3D models with maximum precision using the ICP or nearest point algorithm.

gum designer free

9. Blender for Dental DIAGNOSTIC WAXUP

A module specially designed for digital wax-up/strong>. It includes all the tools for managing digital tooth libraries and adapting them to dentition.

gum designer free

10. Blender for Dental GUIDE DESIGNER

A powerful module capable of designing all types of surgical guides. Includes tools for designing temporary crowns on implants, guiding rings, and stackable guides.

Diseño de encía con Blender for Dental

11. FREE Blender for Dental Module

You read it right, within your surgical guides course you can choose a Gum designer or Logo designer module completely free.

Additionally, the courses include

I have prepared example files that you can download and practice everything you learned in each lesson.

Clear and easy-to-follow instructions will guide you hand in hand on the path of digital dentistry.

You can watch the course at any time, anywhere and from any device.

Lifetime Access

1 Year Support

+1500 USD in Extras

What do my students say?

Dr. Andrés Giraldo

Testimonio Cursos Odonto 3D
Curso Guardas Oclusales
Testionio Cursos Odonto 3D Odontología DIgital
You won't find a more complete training for this price

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  • Dental Laboratory 3.0 Course ($347)
  • 3D Splints Express Course ($150)
  • Surgical guides course ($197)
  • B4D Digital Smile Design Course  ($249)
  • Blender for Dental – MODEL DESIGNER ($79)
  • Blender for Dental – BLOCKOUT ($49)
  • Blender for Dental – SPLINT DESIGNER ($249)
  • Blender for Dental – ICP ALIGNMENT TOOL ($79)
  • Blender for Dental – GUIDE DESIGNER ($399)
  • Blender for Dental – WAXUP ($79)
  • Blender for Dental – Gum or Logo ($29)
  • 4 Tooth Libraries ($300)
  • Course downloads (Valued at +1500USD)
  • 1 year support
  • Lifetime access.
  • Future updates.
  • Does not include: New future courses

398.50 USD for 4 months

Surgical guides course

 If you are not satisfied, you have 7 days to try it And if you don't like it, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Do you still have doubts?
Find the answer here

Is Blender for dental included?

Yeah, although Blender for dental is an independent 3D Dental Courses company, through an agreement we have managed to include the modules What you will need to take the courses within the pack. In this way you can save money both in software and training.

Remember that Blender for Dental is single payment, so once you get it you can use it forever, without an annual fee or exports.

You can look at the official prices of this software here.

Will I be able to make fixed prostheses with this software?

No, although 3D printing has advanced a lot in recent years. Still There is no material for definitive restorations that is adequately tested and has better characteristics than milled restorations.

We will focus on design all types of removable appliances and you can create provisional extremely accurate with the included software. 

In the future we will have a course aimed exclusively at the design of crowns and bridges with Blender for Dental 

Will I learn to make aligners?
No, there is currently no module dedicated to making aligners in Blender for Dental. The development of this software will dictate the time to create a complete training on it.

If you are anyway looking for a cheap solution for simple cases, you can look at this video

Do I need to have prior knowledge in Blender or 3D Slicer?

No. This training start from 0 and covers every step in the digital flow. Within the Digital Laboratory course you will find lessons that explain how choosing a dental scanner or 3D printer. We will also discuss all design aspects and printer calibration.

In the splints course you will learn the post-processing of the impression and the clinical phase and in the guides course you will learn how to manage tomography scans with 3D Slicer

How long does the course last, is there a start and end date?

We all learn at different speeds, so once registered you will be able to move at your pace and implement what has been learned. In addition, the course will always be available because you will have lifetime access

Are the classes face-to-face?

Our platform is designed so that you can access the lessons at the time you prefer. This way you can repeat the lessons and learn at the time that is most convenient for you.

Does it include support to resolve doubts?

Of course. This course is explained in the simplest and most concrete way so that you have nowhere to get lost and if for any reason along the way you have questions, you can contact me by email and I will be in charge of helping you resolve your concerns.

Do I need the Blender for dental articulator?

NO.  The Cavy Lite articulator is included in the occlusal guard course and can replace Blender for Dental for digital assembly. If you want to do the occlusal dynamic trimming (optional step) you can use the CAVY Pro version or the Blender for dental articulator

Is this training basic or advanced?

In this course I will take you by the hand, step by step and explain everything you need to know to set up a digital laboratory And power recover your investment in the shortest time possible.

The lessons are designed so that you really understand what you need to do even if you have no prior knowledge And if you already know something about the topic, even better because it will help you advance faster.

With everything you have learned you will be able to design any removable appliance what you propose and you will master 3D printing.

How do I get my free Blender for dental module?

The process is through a page of application which you will find in the first lesson of the course. Once we receive your information, in 24 hours you will have your new module available on the Blender for Dental page. 

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