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Cursos Odonto 3D Academy is internationally recognized for its excellence in continuous education in digital dentistry. Since 2021, we have provided knowledge and skills to thousands of professionals worldwide, establishing ourselves as leaders in areas such as 3D design and 3D printing, digital workflows in dentistry, and the use of state-of-the-art dental CAD design tools.

Our online courses are designed to deliver a practical and interactive learning experience, featuring step-by-step instruction and personalized support. We ensure that our students acquire the essential skills to effectively utilize advanced technologies in 3D design and printing.

Moreover, we are pleased to note that most of our courses utilize software that is either low-cost or available for free, enabling us to democratize access to this groundbreaking technology within the dental profession. Enroll in our academic community now and unlock the countless possibilities that digital dentistry has to offer.


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About the Instructor

Dr. Juan F González is a dentist, and specialist in orthodontics, who graduated from Universidad Tecnológica de México UNITEC.

Professor in the field of craniofacial mechatronics at Universidad del Valle (Colombia), certified Blender for Dental instructor, and renowned speaker in digital orthodontics both nationally and internationally.

He has published on 3D printing and technology in journals such as American Journal of Orthodontics and current orthodontics and kieferorthopadie.

He maintains his private practice in the city of Cuenca - Ecuador while actively engaging in extensive research within his area of expertise, digital dentistry.


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