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The path to learning cad cam software is winding. Today The market has countless dental software options. In this post I explain what the options are, which will help you choose the best dental software for your case. If you want to go directly to the option that I most recommend, you can take my free dental cad cam course below:

Best open source software for digital dentistry

Blender for Dental

The best open source dental software for dental 3D models.

3D Slicer

The best open source dental software for CT scans.

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What is the best cad cam software for dentistry?

The search for the perfect software is a feat that many professionals undertake on their path to digital dentistry. It must be clarified that each case is different and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of dentistry software is essential for a correct decision.

cad cam software Closed

Various companies are dedicated to the production of dental software, many of them also manufacture hardware such as scanners, milling machines or printers. This cad cam system is normally closed, that is, it only works with devices from the same company and cannot be modified.

open cad cam software

Open Source or open source programs are created by the community. This means that they arise from the collaboration of various people with a common interest. By having an open license, any user can modify the code to better adapt it to their needs. In our case open source dentistry.

Main differences of cad cam software

Both paid software and free dental software have advantages and disadvantages. When deciding which option to use, it is important to understand which features are most relevant to our practice and working style.

Payment dental software 

It commonly has a large company behind it that provides support to its users and can solve any problems that arise in an agile and comfortable manner. In general, these companies seek to retain their consumers and maintain an entire ecosystem through which all their programs and devices connect and work very well with each other.

Normally, these types of programs are quite specialized towards a certain sector, they have speakers or trainers worldwide and can thus provide a fairly easy experience for professionals who are just starting out.

However, these same advantages can be a limitation for many users. The lack of compatibility with other systems can mean that many procedures require a specific program or device to function, forcing the user to remain tied to the brand if they want to expand their possibilities. For example, some cad cam systems allow you to send jobs with all the necessary specifications from the scanner to the laboratory, but if the laboratory does not have a milling machine of the same brand, it will not be able to process the order. This may of course mean that the professional simply does not use these functions or does so only partially.

While all of these companies provide support to their customers, many times this is only accessible through a recurring payment. Training also usually involves additional costs and in some cases software updates or availability on more computers generate extra charges. All of these items can hinder the return on investment or even make it impractical.

Paid software tends to take longer to optimize. As technology advances, new processes and tools become available. However, within a company's hierarchy, such changes must be approved by a number of people and developed by a team that is on several projects at once. Thus, new updates can take months or even years to reach the dental cad cam market.

Free dental software (FREE)

It is characterized by rapid development. The collaboration of the community and the feedback of its users make these types of projects advance quite quickly. Easy access to the code and free distribution allows users to shape these programs according to a common interest.

Frequently, these software are developed in a programming language compatible with any operating system, this allows greater freedom for developers and the user. For example, programs created with python work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This greater freedom facilitates its use between various platforms. A common example is STL files that can be opened in both paid and open source programs without any restrictions.

The biggest advantage of open source is usually that it produces dental software for free or at very low cost, so that anyone can access a dental cad cam system without a large investment.

Curva de Aprendizaje para software Dental

In well-received projects, updates are constant and there is an entire community behind it that helps users find solutions around these programs. But, sometimes these projects can be abandoned or stop developing if the community loses interest in them.

On the other hand, free software also lacks the support that paid software provides, many times the information is not as accessible and users must discover for themselves how to get the most out of these tools. This usually entails a long learning curve that can demotivate novice users.

What type of cad cam software to choose?


Like many other things in life, it depends. Mainly what you value most in dental software when implementing it.

If the economic factor is not a problem and you are looking for everything to be easy and quick to implement, then the best decision will be to use paid cad/cam software. This won't eliminate the learning curve of course because it will still be a new tool, but it will make immediate integration easier.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more profitable option and you are not afraid to do a little research, free dental software will be the way to go. But even so, it will be necessary to have the correct source (normally the official website of the program) that provides you with updated and accurate information about the operation of said software. The learning curve will surely be longer, but very satisfying. If you also want to make your life easier and learn faster, with a method that is certified and proven, keep reading, because I have an extraordinary option for you. learn open source dentistry.

I want to learn open source dentistry, what program do I need?


After several years of testing and analyzing various programs for digital dentistry, I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 main options. Two of them are open source and one, although it is not Open Source, is free and only charges for exporting the files.

These programs are constantly developing and have a huge community supporting them, which means they are very unlikely to disappear. They have been used in various scientific publications, demonstrating equal or greater precision than other commercial cad cam software.

Below I explain specifically what each program is for. If you want to know in depth about these software, you can click on the title of each one or on the software menu.

Tabla comparativa de software dental

3D Slicer

Software for managing tomography scans and various medical files. It has a giant potential for surgery and orthodontics.


Software for 3D animation, has the addon Blender for Dental dedicated to digital dentistry that allows making devices and manipulating digital models.


Free software that, although not open source, is economical for managing digital models and tomography.

How do I learn to use these cad cam programs?

If you have already decided on Open Source dentistry, I have good news for you!

I have created a series of courses that will help you become an expert with any program you choose. The courses are easy to follow and will teach you step by step, with real examples how each of these tools works.

In addition, all courses include support, so when you have a problem with any of them, I will be there to help you solve them and to recommend the best way to achieve your goals.

All courses are for life, this means that you can return to them and review them as many times as you want when necessary and not only that, every time there is an update, it will be available to you immediately.

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