Why use cloud storage? – The best cost-benefit options.

Oct 7, 2023 | software

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We live in a digitalized world and data storage has become a growing concern. Digitization has also reached dentistry, where patient information such as records, photos, models and tomography scans are stored in digital format.

The loss of information is a risk constant and exponential increase of data can overload our devices and slow it down. In this article, we'll discuss various storage options and how to keep your data safe. I will also give you some suggestions of the best cloud storage options based on cost benefit.

The importance of protecting your data

To ensure the security of your data, it is essential to have a reliable backup system. Although there are countless options on the market, surely the simplest is storage in physical or external devices, such as USB sticks or hard drives. These devices often offer encryption and passwords to protect your data, but they still they run the risk of physical harm. It is possible to overcome this limitation by having more than one backup device and keeping them in different locations (redundant storage).

In cases where it is required to store large amount of data, have access to them frequently and possibly from several devices, a better option is the Network Storage Systems (NAS, for its acronym in English). These allow you to create a «local cloud» and have remote access to information. Although they offer numerous advantages such as privacy, scalability and automatic backups, Its implementation can be complicated and expensive. Additionally, some systems may be incompatible with certain devices.

Cloud storage: the modern option

Riesgos del almacenamiento en la nube

Advantageously, today cloud storage technology is an easy-to-use and very convenient alternative. Popular services like Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive They are very popular, but you must be aware of their susceptibility to cyber attacks and data leaks.

Therefore, there are safer and more powerful alternatives, such as Ice Drive, Sync, Pcloud, among others. These services offer «zero knowledge«, which implies greater security for your information, since the information is encrypted and only you have access to it. (not even the cloud storage service can access it).

One of the main reasons to use a service in the cloud, is the possibility of share files, sync them between multiple devices and make automatic backups.

Most options require a annual or monthly subscription, but some do offer lifetime options. In addition, the vast majority are compatible with various operating systems (windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc.) and offer additional characteristics such as shared folders with an expiration date, folders with a higher level of encryption and password protection, etc…

Advantages of cloud storage

  • Privacy: Your data is protected and encrypted.
  • Scalability: You can increase the storage capacity according to your needs.
  • User creation: Share your data securely with others.
  • Automatic backups: Don't worry about losing important data.
  • Multimedia or streaming center: Access your files from anywhere, including a smart TV or other streaming devices.
  • Ease of implementation: Most have their own apps or programs that make it very easy to activate them.

Disadvantages of cloud storage

  • Infrastructure: You need a fast and reliable Internet connection.
  • Incompatibility: Although uncommon, some services are closed and can only be used by devices of the same brand.
  • Cost: Many have a free trial. However, the vast majority usually have subscription fees.
  • Server overload: It's pretty rare, but it could happen on some free or low-cost services.
Ventajas y desventajas del almacenamiento en la nube

Most recommended options:

google drive

As always, the Google company is one of the reliable companies in technology development and thanks to its powerful servers, it offers a high quality and speed service. Prices start at 19.99 USD per month for your basic plan 100GB and it can be expanded both in space and in number of users.

It should be noted that Google does not offer 0 knowledge due to the regulations of the country where this company is located. Therefore, It is not the safest option..

View Google Drive plans


Located in Switzerland, pcloud is one of the best cloud storage providers. Its security levels are among the best in the world and offer subscriptions in annual and lifetime plans. Also, if you want to try their service, you can create a FREE account with 6GB of storage.

The plans range from 49.99 USD annually and from 199USD in its lifetime option, both with 500GB storage. It should be noted that this company offers advanced encryption options for an additional cost.

See pcloud plans

Ice Drive

This company is located in Wales and offers the best plans on the market. All your plans include advanced encryption and knowledge 0 and have wide compatibility with mobile devices, web and desktop applications.

The plans go from 4.99 usd per month for 1Tb of storage and have lifetime options from 99usd for 150gb.

See ice drive plans

Tips to keep your data safe

Seguridad al usar almacenamiento en la nube

Regardless of the storage method you choose, security is crucial and can only be achieved if you use this technology responsibly. Some measures to take into account are:

  • Avoid phishing and fraudulent emails.
  • Do not store passwords in public places.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Enable two-step verification for added security.


The choice of data storage method is crucial in a digitalized world. Cloud storage is an efficient and secure option, but you must take into account internet speed, capacity and security. With the right precautions, you can protect your data and free up space on your computer in an easy and efficient way.

I hope this information is useful to you in your transition to the digital world. If you are here because you are interested in digital dentistry. Don't forget to check out my course «Digital Dental Laboratory in 30 Days», where I explain how to implement this technology effectively and quickly.


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