CHITUBOX 2.0 – Revolutionizing 3D printing in resin.

Apr 6, 2024 | 3d print, software

The days when setting up a printer was a real pain in the ass are about to end. The new version of Chitubox brings great improvements and promises to make our lives much easier in resin 3D printing. In this article I tell you all the news about Chitubox 2.0

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The biggest frustration of those starting out in 3D printing in resin or in Dental 3D printing, is the calibration of the resin. So many hours wasted trying to make everything work correctly lead some to give up.

Advantageously, the new version of Chitubox has come to change everything. Chitubox 2.0 has revolutionized the way we operate our printers, making the printing process more simpler, faster and more efficient than ever.

The new version of Chitubox has integrated RMA (Resin Material Alliance) into the User interface. This allows access to an extensive print profile library, organized by brands, printer models and much more. Without a doubt, this feature can simplify the entire printing process and is the big bomb that Chitubox 2.0 has dropped this month. 💣

It is important to note that the old version and the new version of Chitubox can work simultaneously without causing problems. In fact, you can have both installed on your computer. This allows you to explore the new version while maintaining familiarity with the previous one. Besides, keep your profiles and settings It is highly recommended.

You can take a look at the new tools in this video:

  1. User interface
    • Compatibility: The new application does not conflict with the previous ones. If you already have the basic version of Chitubox, Don't worry; you can add CHitubox 2.0 and maintain both without problems.
    • Popular Printers: After installing the new version of Chitubox, you will be able to choose a printer from the list. Hundreds of well-known brands or even personalized options.
    • Topics: New ways to view Chitubox and improve the experience.
  2. Intelligent Automation
    • RMA in the Cloud: This integration of Chitubox 2.0 makes it possible to save time and avoid errors by downloading verified profiles from the RMA cloud with one click. In addition, you can save your favorite or personalized profiles and share them with others.
    • Standard parts in the cloud: You can also find a library of prefabricated elements, from calibration files, to gear wheels, and interesting items to print in 3D.
    • Automatic supports: A new automatic support algorithm improves this feature and allows for better placement of supports using distance as a key parameter.
    • Risk detection: Chitubox 2.0 automatically finds collisions, cavities, islands and suspended areas.
  3. Speed and Efficiency
    • Rendering: Direct X and Apple Metal support for smoother work. Also, shaded and detailed mode has been added.
    • Laminated and stored: The new slicing algorithm is faster and more stable.
    • Supports: Added features from the Pro version such as connecting brackets (for intricate areas), scaling supported models (allows scaling models without losing supports) and model replacement (To exchange models with small variations without needing to remove supports)

Conclusion and recommendations about Chitubox 2.0

In summary, the new version of Chitubox has brought to the table features that can transform printing into a seamless and hassle-free experience. It's impressive that all of this can be done with the free version.

If you use Chitubox frequently, you'll probably be interested in migrating to Chitubox Pro and getting even more and better features. If you want to know more about chitubox Pro, look at this video.

And if you are interested in purchasing Chitubox Pro, here is a discount:

Chitubox Pro discount!


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