Interested in designing your own surgical guides in the most cost-effective manner?

Since my College years, I have been passionate about technology. The pursue of precision and efficiency drove me to try and learn every single software I could.

During my orthodontic residency, I discovered 3D printing, and it blew my mind. It was clear that this technology was going to revolutionize the industry forever. By that time, 3D printing was prohibitively expensive as the CAD-CAM software available, which led me to try different open-source alternatives with the hope of implementing Digital dentistry in my office.

After many years of trial and error, I finally found a perfect option with Blender for Dental. And with the reduction in printer costs, digital dentistry is more affordable than ever.

I will show you my perfect option and how you can design anything that you desire. In minutes.!.

You are on the right track

My name is Juan González, and I will teach you my method for designing guides fast, precise and affordable.

By combining the power of Blender for Dental and 3DSlicer I found my perfect option for dental CAD-CAM.

I’m a B4D certified Instructor. And I’ll be sharing with you all my experience, so you can start creating guides in no time.

I’ve teached digital dentistry for these organizations.

Artículo científico Dr. Juan Francisco González

Since 2014 when I published my first scientific paper, I understood there is a need for digital dentistry mentoring.
And with the correct instruction and some practice, anyone can do it.

Thanks to my youtube channel and our online courses. I’ve been able to teach digital dentistry all over the world.

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Surgical guide Course Content

1.Configuration Settings

All you need to know to get started. I’ll cover all the hardware and software setup.

2. Working with CT Volumes

An in-depth explanation of 3DSlicer and Tomographic volumes segmentation.

3. 3D Design with Blender for Dental

I’ll cover every single step of designing surgical guides with Blender for dental.

Surgical guides course

I included demo files where necessary, so you can follow along.

You can access the course anytime, anywhere, and on all your devices.

Free suppor surgical guides

If you are having a hard time learning, I got you covered. 

You will obtain a cursosodonto3D certificate at the end of the course.

In-depth instructions with every single step of the process.

Lessons will be available anytime. You decide when you start and finish.

Guide Course Program

1. Configuration Settings

    • Introduction to the course – IMPORTANT
    • Essential concepts for a successful design.
    • Hardware recommendations (Dual screen setup).
    • Installing and connecting the software.

2. Working with CT Volumes

  • Introduction to 3DSlicer User Interface.
  • CBCT Volume Reorientation
  • CBCT Volume Rendering
  • Slicer Pano (Multi-planar reconstruction)
  • Measurements in 3DSlicer
  • Masterclass: Volume segmentation and nerve canal annotation
  • Bonus: Creating images and animations from tomographic volumes
  • Exporting Segmented models

3. 3D Design with Blender for Dental

  • MASTERCLASS: Preparing models for 3D printing
  • Introduction to Guide Designer
  • Aligning the scan models with the CBCT volume
  • Designing the guide structure (Paint-on-layer/tube method)
  • Implant surgical guide – Part 1 (Planning)
  • Adapting the guide cylinders and fixation pins.
  • Using metallic rings
  • Blocking Out Undercuts
  • Implant surgical guide – Part 2 (Structure).
  • Designing temporary crowns and bridges
  • BONUS: custom impression trays
  • Masterclass: Designing Implant analog models
  • Surgical guide for Orthodontic miniscrews
  • Endodontic acces guide.
  • Gingivectomy surgical guide
  • Stackable surgical guides
  • Masterclass: overdenture bar design
  • BONUS: Other surgical guides (piezocision)
  • End of the course – additional advice

When you join the course today, you will also get these extra assets
for FREE

Blender for dental shortcuts

1. Blender shortcuts cheatsheet.

An easy and quick reference to Blender for Dental shortcuts. It will speed up your workflow immediately.

Free stl models in surgical guide course

2. STL Models

These 3D models have been specially designed to help you during your surgical guide planning.

$50 Value.

dental implant surgical guide fabrication

3. Custom Impression Trays Masterclass.

In this special lesson, I will teach you how to design custom impression trays in less than 5min. Ready for 3D printing!

$100 Value.

4. Tooth libraries

My personal favorite libraries to get you starting with digital wax-ups.
$210 Value

gum designer free

5. FREE B4D module

It’s correct.! All the course students will receive a Free Blender for Dental Module (Gum or Logo designer).

$29 Value.

What’s the cost of this training?


Enroll now for just 


Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Get “Surgical Guide Course” Today!

  • Surgical Guides with Blender for Dental ($219)
  • STL 3D Models ($50)
  • Custom Impression Trays Masterclass ($100)
  • Tooth libraries ($210)
  • B4D Gum Designer module ($29)
  • 2 months of online support ($150)
  • Instant Acces.
  • Future Updates.

TOTAL Value=  $758 

Surgical guides course

 All our courses come with a 7-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blender for Dental included?

Blender for dental modules are the intellectual property of Blenderfordental and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

Cursosodonto3D is intended to provide tuition in different aspects of digital dentistry. As an affiliate site of Blender for Dental, we will include affiliation links through this Website, but we cannot share, copy or distribute Blender for Dental proprietary software. (The free module will be activated by filling a form inside the course.).

You will have to purchase the Model Designer, Blockout, ICP Alignment, and Guide Designer modules to study this course. Additionally, you could obtain the tray designer module if you want to design custom impression trays. All the B4D modules can be obtained here.

Do I need prior knowledge of the Blender software?

No, I will teach you how to design surgical guides step by step, and I will cover all the essentials in the Blender Software

Do I need prior knowledge of 3DSlicer?

NO.  3DSlicer will be cover from scratch. You will be able to download this software FREE in the corresponding lesson.

When does the course start and finish?

We all learn at different speeds. Our academy will give you the freedom to learn at your own pace and implement this knowledge as you move forward. Also, you will have lifetime access to this course, so you can come back anytime you like

Will the course have live classes?

Our online platform will provide you with prerecorded step-by-step lessons. You can access the course anytime you like – across any and all devices you own.

What can I do if I have questions?

This course covers every single step in the process of designing surgical guides. But, if you still have questions and concerns, this course includes 2 months of free support. You can reach me out by email at any point.

Is this an advanced course. Will I be able to follow-along?

Absolutely! This course is designed to guide you in every step of the process. I have included practice files in each lesson, so you can follow along even if you don’t have any experience. 

How do I get my free Blender for Dental Module?

You can obtain the free module by filling the form located in the first lesson of the course. It will be available at your B4D account within the next 24h.

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